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All you need to know why Commerce stream is gaining popularity

Posted on Monday, July 1, 2019

Entrepreneur Narendra Shyamsukha highlights the number of jobs one can opt for as a Commerce student. All that one needs is an acumen to understand business, finance and economics

Money has always been the core component that defines the movement of the time and shapes the surrounding. Yet, one does not gain business knowledge overnight and learning the nuances takes time. Commerce as a stream helps in gaining in-depth knowledge of Business, Accounts, Finance and Economics. 

Essence of studying commerce

The important subjects taught in the school curriculum of class XI and XII are Economics, Accountancy, and Business Studies. Students are advised to choose this field if they have an affinity for numbers and have more interest in business and economy.

Commerce is essentially learning of the various activities that transpire in the diverse world of business such as sale and purchase of goods and services from the producer to a buyer. It is designed to develop the business acumen, financial literacy and analytical skills. If you have a penchant for the variances of the economy and the commerce scenario, this is where you are bound to make a mark. India has noted a marked rise in interest among students towards commerce. Several top students are opting for commerce stream aspiring to be a chartered accountant, investment bankers or professional in the Insurance field, stock market etc. Here are a few career options for commerce: 

Chartered Accountant

Chartered accountancy has emerged as a popular course. According to, a CA can demand as high as Rs 755,203 a year. All you need is a knack for the numbers and accounting. Deepak Parekh, chairman of Housing Development Finance Corporation started his career as a CA with Ernst & Young Management in New York.

Company secretary

The Company secretary is a senior post in a corporate responsible for the efficient administration of a company. This course is perfect for those who are exemplary in Business Studies and Management Theories. Suprakash Mukhopadhyay, who is a CA, cost accountant and a qualified company secretary is the chief compliance officer, vice president, treasurer, secretary of TCS. 

Financial Analyst

Financial Analysts are highly in demand in the finance industry. These professionals participate in researching macroeconomic and microeconomic scenarios, gathering financial information along with company fundamentals, to graft dynamic growth plans. Ranji H Nagaswami, CFA was the chief investment advisor to Mayor Bloomberg in New York City and directed the investment policy for New York’s $120 billion Pension and Investments office. She started her career as a quantitative analyst for UBS before heading the US Fixed Income division.

Finance Planner

Financial planner is the best for those who show a keen interest in understanding the nuances of savings and upkeep of finances. Finance planner provides finance-based advice to the individuals or companies, helping them meet their short term or long term financial goal.

Investment Analyst

Investment analysts are integral to the nation’s finance, collecting information and research on stocks, bonds, shares, and commodities. They hone their focus on niches to become expert in the field, thereby providing the right information to the clients. 

Portfolio Manager

Responsible for making crucial investment decisions, thereby carrying out investment activities on behalf of individuals or institutions, the portfolio manager has a demanding job. The manager is expected to keep a sharp eye on the economic variances around us. 

The emerging demand for sound professionals in Indian business/commerce sector require an upliftment in the educational structure, with a keen emphasis on constant learning.

(The author is founder and chairman, ICA Edu Skills)


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All you need to know why Commerce stream is gaining popularity

Money has always been the core component that defines the movement of the time and shapes the surrounding

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