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Why toppers pick science stream over arts

Posted on Monday, June 4, 2018

In the age of Artificial Intelligence and robotics, 10th CBSE toppers want to pursue careers in Science related streams reports Charu Narula

Science continues to a hot favourite among CBSE class X toppers, who are eyeing career as computer engineers, robotics engineer or doctor. The toppers league firmly believes that future belongs to jobs in AI and robotics, which will be relevant in medicine too. 

For Prakhar Mittal, a joint topper from Delhi Public School, Gurgaon
, scoring 499 out of 500, excelling in STEM education will boost to his career. “I have opted for science stream for my class XI and XII as I want to have a career in robotics,” says Mittal, asserting that future belongs to AI. 

Nandini Garg, another topper from Shamli’s Scottish International school has also opted for science and aspires to become a computer engineer. “A computer engineer has several opportunities in India and abroad
, she says. Same applies to Rimzhim Agarwal of RP Public School, Bijnor who aspires to become an engineer and has opted for science for her higher education as arts never interested her. “I want my career to revolve around figures and data, and hence want to become a computer engineer, says Rimzhim.

 Sreelakshmi G, Bhavan’s Vidyalaya from Kochi wants to become a doctor. Though she has not decided her specialisation, but wants to explore technology in the field of medicine. “Technology has over powered our lives to an extent that even surgeries are conducted with the help of robotics. Theerfore, I want to pursue a career in robotics with medicine, which is a comparatively new field.”


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