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Portal Exclusive: Why shifting to an online system will make learning Math fun

Posted on Monday, July 15, 2019

By using e-learning that consists of audio and visual content, students can learn Math concepts better and will no longer have a phobia for the subject, writes Sachin Gulati

E-learning has offered convenience, user-friendly interface, accessibility to quality faculties and host of other benefits to a student. For subjects such as Mathematics, the platform is more capable in offering one-to-one attention thereby solving a student’s need for the subject.

In India, there is a phobia around the subject and to some extent, this phobia is because of the traditional system of teaching Mathematics. Rather than mugging up questions, students need to understand the concept and theory of the subject well. In a classroom scenario, often a student due to shyness or forgetfulness does not consult the teacher. In an online environment, a student is free to ask and resolve any question - be it Mathematics or any other subject. Therefore, learning becomes an inclusive and interactive experience.

In this regard, Indian company TruMath is working towards eradicating the fear that students have for Mathematics.
Mathematics can be fun
Learning Math requires extensive patience from both students and teacher. Unfortunately, in India, the reputation around the subject is so poor that most individuals consider the subject to be boring, and not enjoyable. E-learning can change this scenario and make the subject fun, interesting and understandable. E-learning actually opens door to a world of Math that is fun and exciting.
E-learning gives the flexibility to students to learn the subject in his/her own pace and depth, maximising their ability to learn. Thus, it is very essential to have regular classes on the subject where students can solve Math questions as many times as they want. In addition to this, it is crucial for students to have advanced Mathematical sense-making, reasoning, problem-solving, and communication skills. An efficient teacher uses e-learning to develop students' understanding, stimulate their interest and increase their proficiency in Mathematics. When teachers use technology strategically, they can provide greater access to Mathematics for all students.
A better grasp of key concepts
Studying Math through e-learning medium can also supplement the traditional textbook learning. For example, one-on-one instruction can supplement current schoolwork and advance the concepts in a convenient manner. On the e-learning platform, students can use video courses to understand their class work and concept better thereby improving their marks as well. It is also a boon for parents because they can see their children get a better grasp of key concepts, and do homework thoroughly. Moreover, with the help of the online test, students can rectify and set improvement goals too.
E-learning companies with the help of interactive videos make learning Mathematics easier. For example, Math problems are shown through an audio/visual format that clears ambiguity around the subject. Most of such platforms have experienced teachers and renders parents the opportunity to access a student’s baseline report and monitor their progress online.
Through an e-learning platform, a student can access arithmetic to algebra, and calculus to geometry, among more. Because of its audio and supporting visuals, the same subject that appears boring in a brick and mortar classroom may appear interesting to a student. Students can absorb important mathematical rules and formulas at their own pace. They can spend more time on specific question/subject than they could in the traditional classroom, allowing them to learn Mathematics at the perfect pace for information retention.
In online Math learning, there are certain content-specific technologies such as computer algebra systems, dynamic geometry environments, interactive applets, handheld computation, data collection, analysis devices and computer-based applications.
In India, e-learning for Mathematics makes sense where the availability of a good Math teacher is very sparse. Additionally, through e-learning, a student gets better time-management, direct access to teachers along with a cost-effective medium and convenience that an offline system lacks. Moreover, through the interactive and tech-enabled modules, a particular student’s performance can be evaluated for further improvement as well.
(The author is founder of TruMath)


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