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Age of AI-based recruitment

Posted on Thursday, July 11, 2019

The recruitment industry is transforming due to automated tests, AI based assessments, video CVs and psychometric evaluations, reports Shivangi Mishra

To improve the quality of professionals hired, organisations are constantly in search of better ways to hire and technology has proved to be a boon to identify the right candidates from a large pool of applicants. Just as the hiring process evolved from newspaper ads to online portals and social media sites, the next big wave is automation of hiring.

“The recruitment industry is going through a metamorphosis today by adopting automated tests, artificial intelligence-based assessment, video CVs, psychometric evaluation, among others. These tools help organisations deal with a large pool of applications much more efficiently when compared to the tasks being done solely by humans,” says Chockalingam Valliappa, vice chairman, Sona College of Technology and founder of HireMee, an AI-proctored online assessment platform for jobs.

Why should recruiters embrace AI

AI-based recruitment helps organisations to reduce Time to Hire (T2H), save cost and improve quality of hire which is free of individual biases that come from human perceptions, says Valliappa.

He adds that it also significantly improves candidate experience as things are more streamlined. It also helps in building a personal database for the organisation by identifying passive candidates in addition to knowing how and when to reach them. “AI-tools can detect fraudulent practices and hence, can control the quality of candidates more effectively. Retina, face recognition and eye movement capture made possible by using AI, cuts down instances of impersonation during video interviews. Assessments created through proprietary methodology, can be used for fresher and lateral hiring,” says Valliappa.

AI is here to stay

The use of AI in recruitment is not a trend that will become passe at some point. It is safe to say, AI-Recruiting is sure to grow and dominate the space in the years to come. Nearly 76% recruiters believe that AI’s impact on recruitment will be significant in coming years, says Valliappa.


As we talk about automation, it is often sensationalised as robots or machines conducting interviews. Contrary to popular perception, automation is tools or softwares being used to source candidates to schedule interviews, screen applicants and even conduct background checks. The technology is still in its nascent stage and needs to address several gaps. For example, gender issues need to be avoided. Amazon shelved its AI based recruiting as they found it was unfair to women. Algorithmic discrimination can certainly be one of the major drawbacks. Human touch and valuable human judgment is missed out in AI based recruitment, says Valliappa. AI and ML engines learn over time, thus, its accuracy and reliability will also improve gradually.

Gear up for new-age recruitment

The machines by monitoring every move of a test taker can identify them by personality type. A candidate’s answering pattern — known questions first, easy questions first or sequentially — helps engines bucket them differently.

Valliappa says that candidates need to be familiar with video interview analysis. In the age of YouTube, one can learn almost everything with demos available online. Most of the AI-based recruitment platforms are mobile friendly, so having a mobile-ready resume is a must for new-age recruitment.


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