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Career in yoga keeps a balance between health and wealth

Posted on Monday, May 27, 2019

Being a yoga expert can help you explore job opportunities in the fields of education, corporate sector and research, writes Jagriti Kumari

Gone are the days when yoga was considered as just a way to keep fit. With the popularisation of yoga at the global level, several career opportunities have come up in this field. 
A yoga professional can easily make anywhere between Rs 25,000-40,000 in a month by offering personal training and participating in various workshops organised by government and private sector companies.
A specialised yoga coach armed with a degree or diploma can demand Rs 500-1000 per hour in metro cities. It is interesting to see the rising interest to learn yoga among the youngsters in the metros and tier II and III cities. 
“Earlier, it was only middle-aged people between 40-60 years enrolled in BA Yoga course. However, in the last two years, there has been a change in trend. We now have young students taking full-time yoga courses after class XII,” says Deepak Bagadia, assistant professor, KJ Somaiya Bharatiya Sanskriti Peetahm, Mumbai, who teaches anatomy, physiology, yoga therapy and all yoga practices at the college.
Bagadia, a pharmacy graduate, who initially took up yoga as his hobby in 1991, decided to pursue it as a full-time career in 2005. He enrolled in a BA in Yoga, later did a PG and research, before finally taking up the job in the academy. 
“Yoga helped me to bring back smile on faces of people who were mentally or physically unwell. Many looked at life differently and several of my students decided to become yoga teachers,” adds Bagadia whose students are now working as yoga trainers across the globe. 
“Before taking up yoga as a career, it is better for one to go for an extensive education in this domain,” says Anju Sehgal who is pursuing MA Yoga Shastra.
Anju, an art curator in her 50s has been practising yoga for the last 15 years. She decided to pursue yoga education after realising her love for it while participating in many yoga events. 
There are several professionals who left their cushy jobs to learn yoga. Sarika Kumari, quit her job as a Geography teacher in a government school to pursue yoga. She currently works as a corporate yoga trainer on a freelance basis and earns around Rs 35,000 - 40,000 in a month.
Careers are not solely limited to being a trainer; yoga students can also explore opportunities as a yoga therapist in hospitals and wellness centres, hospitality industry, as a yoga teacher in schools and corporate yoga trainer in various companies. Additionally, one can also join higher education system after clearing NET-JRF or PhD.


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