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  • For success of a startup, a brilliant idea is not good enough

For success of a startup, a brilliant idea is not good enough

Posted on Monday, July 16, 2018

Anindya Dutta and Sandeep Dalmia, co-founder Stanza Living believe that the real journey for a startup begins after cracking a brilliant idea

In my nearly two decades of professional experience that has seen its fair share of highs and lows, there is one thing that has always remained constant - success will always show up at your door as long as you remain true to your work.

Many people emphasise on the importance of ideas. They say, “An idea can change the world”. However, an idea is not sufficient to beckon upon a journey loaded with the proposition of success. It needs to be nurtured, processed thoroughly, and, most importantly, be worked towards with utmost precision. Simply put, having an idea isn’t good enough, you need to reinforce it with mechanisms and support systems which will allow it to flourish against all odds.

Before starting what has now become a successful venture, the two of us (Anindya Dutta and Sandeep Dalmia) had our fair share of entrepreneurial projects that were unable to sprout into enterprises we thought they would. Determined to learn from our past oversights, we spent months researching and indulging in thousands of consumer-led conversations to understand the ground realities before setting shop. The thought was simple - disrupting the student housing market in India by introducing a sustainable, scalable product that is truly international in style and quality – but behind executing that simple thought was months and months of tedious and painstaking preparation and hard work.

It is important to understand that whilst you are building a consumer product, you have to construct your thought process based on first principles consumer research. Our live on-ground presence was central towards understanding consumer issues and concerns in details and then in incorporating this detailed understanding with great care into our aim of creating a product that would solve real-life problems which students face.

If at this moment we were asked the quintessential post triumph question “What do you owe your success to?”, we would raise our voice and shout out ‘hard work’. It is the only thing you can bank upon when you think you don’t have a way out or are literally stuck in an undesirable situation.

The two of us came with a cumulative 15+ years of experience before we put the idea of Stanza Living together. We started right from the bottom, put in endless hours of work, burnt the midnight oil, continually contemplated and questioned our own line of thoughts before finally watching our work transpire into what we envisioned it would. Our corporate team now stands tall with a strength of 50 personnel spread across three states, growing strength to strength at every junction and continuously working towards our singular focus of transforming student living. We will constantly move along this path and continuously strive to achieve our goals, with the exact same principles and values intact, as we did when we first started out.

The author is co-founder Stanza Living


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