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Spain offers some of the world’s leading business schools

Posted on Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Subhadip Banerjee pursuing MBA from ESADE, Barcelona, talks to Priyanka Srivastava on what makes the institute the right fit for an international business education

Please tell us about your journey from India to ESADE, Barcelona?

Post my engineering degree in India, I focussed on building a career in technology consulting, spanning close to 8 years across India and the US, in various roles from a software developer to a project manager, all throughout helping clients build innovative solutions across a multitude of sectors. However, I wanted to pursue a master’s degree and evaluated that an international MBA was the right fit for me, given my professional background and career vision. I narrowed my search down to European business schools taking into account factors like, ROI, post MBA mobility and diversity of the cohort. Eventually, ESADE came out to be the best fit and on September 2018, I joined the class of MBA 2020.

What prompted you to consider this institute?
ESADE‘s MBA programme is ranked amongst the best in the world. But it is not just the rankings - my interactions with the admissions team and past alumni were indicative of a school that believes in a life-long association and is committed towards the success of each and every student. I strongly believe that the culture of an institute lies in its foundation; ESADE was started by local Catalan entrepreneurs and the Jesuit community, who dreamed of creating an institute which would be the bedrock of world class business education for the community at large. Today, ESADE is more international and reaches far beyond Catalonia with a 60,000 strong alumni network.
Moreover, the aspect that connected me with ESADE was the institute’s commitment to the fields of entrepreneurship and innovation. It has been recently ranked the best institute in Europe (6th in the world) for entrepreneurship. I wanted to benefit from the unique facilities that this institute has to offer along with the guidance from some of the best in the business.
Since most students consider UK and the US as their first option, do you think it was better to study in Spain?
When it comes to business education, Spain has to offer some of the world’s leading institutes. Especially here in Barcelona, a cosmopolitan powerhouse and a hub for innovation in itself, we have two of the world’s best business schools located on the same street. The ESADE campus hosts students from over 70 countries and English is the official language.
What were the cultural and language barriers faced by you initially?
The Spanish culture is welcoming of foreigners and complete strangers on the street try to extend help, if asked, even if they do not speak the same language. Moreover, the community at the school was my biggest support network.
Tell us about the course that you took in ESADE
At ESADE I am pursuing a full-time MBA. We are 180+ students, divided into 3 sections, representing nearly 60 countries. We bring about 5 years of work experience on an average and the average age in the classroom is 29. The MBA is an 18 month course with a flexibility to wrap up the required credits in either 12, 15 or 18 months.
How did the course help you and gain this international experience?
At the ESADE MBA, your ability to work as part of diverse and international groups is given the highest importance. It is not an everyday experience to work with a banker from New York, a Latin American marketer, a German consultant and a Japanese accountant all part of the same team trying to get a strategy presentation in place. But that is almost every day at the ESADE MBA.
Why should Indian students think beyond US, UK and Canada.
I think Indian students limit their choices by sticking to English speaking countries. However, in an increasingly globalised world, where English is widely considered the business language, I see a huge opportunity for students from India if they are willing to break the tradition and think outside the box. While the prestige of renowned US Universities is unquestionable, I would encourage students to look at other aspects, like the ROI, broader international exposure, proximity to home etc. Indian students are highly regarded no matter which part the world they are in and it is all the more reason for us to explore.


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