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‘Indians have strong technical and analytical skills for diverse job roles’

Posted on Tuesday, April 16, 2019

High rank on innovation index, recognised universities, low cost of living and flexible permanent resident permit rules make Sweden a choice worth considering for studying abroad, reports Sheetal Banchariya

Despite a small population, Sweden is home to some of the well-known universities, consistently ranking among the top three countries in the world for English proficiency. Offering courses in English, it is far easy for international students to study in Sweden. 

Sustainability is a part of the Swedish lifestyle, so students can acquire a sustainable approach besides studying the chosen subject. 

“Students in Sweden are encouraged to think independently, creatively and critically. One will develop an ability to question the status quo by accessing information, seeking new perspectives and coming up with well-informed opinions,” said Josa Kärre, counsellor, head of Section for Trade, Economic and Cultural Affairs, Embassy of Sweden.

“Additionally, environmental thinking and sustainability are parts of all aspects of Swedish life, including education. Studying here will give students a chance to draw on Sweden’s deep environmental experience and apply its sustainable approach to their field of study,” she adds.


The number of Indian students has been on the rise with a steady increase of 10-15% since 2016-17 when more than 1500 Indian students studied in Sweden. The country is the favourite destination for master’s courses, and Indian students are largely opting for life sciences, energy, industrial design, computer sciences, aeronautics, automotive engineering, robotics, environmental sciences. 

“It has been observed that Indian students have great analytical and technical abilities. They quickly adjust to the cultural change, which makes Indian students a good fit for Sweden,” adds Kärre. 


The overall cost of studying in Sweden is much lesser than other traditional destinations such as the US and UK. Also, unlike other countries, there is no limit to working hours in parallel to studies for students who wish to support themselves financially while studying. 

“The average cost to study at a Swedish university is SEK 50,000 – SEK 1,20,000 per year, depending on the university and course. To take care of the living expenses, students can work as much as they want as long as they complete their programme and credits on time,” adds Kärre, who has also served in Embassies of Sweden in Turkey and the UAE.


Sweden is known to have a reputation for an innovative environment and is ranked highly on the global innovation index. 

Kärre says, “Sweden has the highest number of global companies per capita and it is majorly due to the industry-academic ties. Most researches at Swedish universities are linked to ongoing projects at companies. Hence, the overall scenario prepares students for real-life technology advancements, which means that they get on the career ladder early in life.”

Graduates in Sweden get six months to find employment or establish their own startup. 

Individuals with a minimum of four months of service are eligible to apply for a permanent resident permit. If they succeed in finding a job, then companies in Sweden usually provide support in the immigration requirements for the students and integrate themselves in the Swedish industry. 


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