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More than joining bones: why should Orthopedics be your choice

Posted on Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Dr. Aashish Chaudhry writes why the Orthopaedics education in India needs to change to meet the market trends

Orthopaedics as a branch of medicine has gone through a lot of change over preceding years.The field has seen radical and extraordinary advancements, especially in the last one decade. Orthopaedics was initially restricted to just treating fractures, by conventional plaster techniques or crude surgical methods, but in contemporary times it has become highly advanced filed of medicine. A super speciality, and a technically demanding field, which requires special training, operation theatres that include modern operating environment, instruments and implants, among other things.


With the advent of internet technology and explosion of the information available on the world-wide web, patients are well read and aware. Their expectations from an orthopaedic surgeon has increased. In present day we have specialised surgeons who do only hand, spine and foot surgeries, among numerous other sub specialised branches of orthopaedics, which are recently emerging.

India has seen improvements in the area of Stem Cell Treatment, which is an alternative and new age way of treating various muscular and bone diseases. There have been numerous developments in minimally invasive techniques for operating that promotes less bleeding, and faster recovery. Contemporary medical students are reading more about innovative solutions for infection control, new age implants, robotic and computer assisted surgeries, and increased use of artificial intelligence in healthcare analytics.

The major difference between the western and Indian medical schools is the idea of rote learning, which is embedded in this subject, focus on research and development is rare.

Basic Orthopaedics residency in India is a three-year programme, which is highly unorganised in most of the places and the curriculum is age old. It needs a complete makeover to give modern training to the budding surgeons, else they will find it extremely hard to perform and survive in the highly competitive world of new age orthopaedics. The only edge we have over the west is the bulk of patients that we treat, if we try and streamline the learnings, which can be derived and applied from this, we can be the biggest generator of genuine clinical research material in the field of orthopaedics.


India needs structured academic programme, there has to be a minimum assured surgical exposure of a resident doctor during the tenure of training, with more conferences papers presentations, and exposure to centres of excellence through exchange or visitor programmes, along with short courses even after specialisation.



The author is MD and Orthopaedic Surgeon, Aakash Healthcare Super Speciality Hospital


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