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Here is how digital media is creating several job opportunities in India?

Posted on Monday, July 29, 2019

Demand for skilled professionals in the digital media industry will rise by 35% in the coming years, writes Deepa Sayal

The digital media industry is registering impressive growth in India, mainly due to increasing internet penetration and improved broadband connectivity. The large-scale adoption of digital technologies is destined to boost all major economic sectors by 2025. The last few years saw the germination of numerous startups across e-commerce, digital marketing, FinTech and core digital sectors, finally making India’s digital economy account for 8% of nominal GDP in 2017-2018. Digitalised sectors open great career opportunities for the youth, and so do the sectors that facilitate it. 
From developing a dedicated website for a company to developing a chat portal for its clients and employees, from conducting in-depth research on market and customer behaviour to innovating products/services accordingly, the need for professionals is widely felt in the industry of digital media. The demands for skilled and dynamic talents are expected to rise by 35% in the field. 
Building careers
The most sought-after careers and profiles in digital media span across video creation, website development, web application development animator, cartoonist, data analysis, computer programming, graphic designing, content development, creative consultation and digital marketing. There is a demand for digital media professionals who can manage the work and can handle even the toughest client.
Some companies ask for bachelor and postgraduate degrees, but many do not bother about the educational qualifications if the candidates have a strong work portfolio and commendable skills. Digital media is a destination for those who are into digital technology as well as those who are exceptionally creative. Using their creative acumen and technical skills, they must uplift the brand’s image, market presence, and drive customers. Whether one volunteers as an intern or joins as a fresher, this is the industry where both personal and professional growth are assured.
A talented intern can become an expert digital media specialist in two years with dedication and hard work. A web designer who kickstarts his career with a salary of Rs 8,000 can get a package of Rs 80,000 by improving knowledge and skills. 
Exploring new avenues
While Gmail inboxes are full of content writing, web designing, and social media marketing jobs, the backend roles are also taking the job market by storm. Marketing strategists, software developers, research and data analysts are being hired by digital marketing agencies, e-commerce companies, research firms, and FMCGs .
Technical marketing strategists
Like apparel, jewellery, and food market, the competition is equally severe when it comes to selling tech products such as Software as a Service (SAAS) model and manufacturing machinery. To market such products to the niche target groups, require competent technical marketing strategists. The ones who track the trends, monitor target customers’ needs and preferences, and can design marketing campaigns that work in a desired way. The required skills include familiarity with evolving technology, hands-on experience on web and social media analytics, in addition to the ability to create campaigns that sell. 
Business Intelligence Developers
Many MNCs empower their management, content development and marketing teams with the real-time data so that they can draw meaningful inferences from them for better decision-making processes. All business operations from planning a new product line to launching a new campaign targetted for the Asia-Pacific region requires some strong data points. For this, Business Intelligence (BI) developers are recruited to develop applications and software to interpret consumer patterns and industry trends. 

BOT, Virtual Assistant Developers
Currently, the companies are focussed on engaging their employees in tasks that require human intelligence and risk-taking capabilities. Since answering people’s menial and repetitive queries is something that can be easily managed by automated chatbots and robotic virtual assistants, most companies are demanding expert bot developers who can help them with software designed as per their specific needs. To win the job, all it requires is a BTech in CS or equivalent degree and programming skills. 
(The author is executive director, Vivoki , director & co-founder, ADG  Online Solutions)


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Here is how digital media is creating several job opportunities in India?

The digital media industry is registering impressive growth in India, mainly due to increasing inter

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Here is how digital media is creating several job opportunities in India? ...

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