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Transcripts of chat on the study and internship opportunities in the US and UK

Posted on Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Transcripts of chat with Yogini Joglekar, director, Asia-Pasific, Mountbatten Institute, on the study and internship opportunities in the US and UK

 Are internships available for the testing profile in the US? 

- Pooja

There are several internship options available for the US – typically these are under the J-1 visa category. AIPT, BUNAC, Parentheses are some internship coordinators may help. Offers several IT roles in investment banks such as UBS, Barclays, JP Morgan, etc.

I am a computer engineer with eight years of work experience in IT project management. What courses can I pursue in the US? What is the scope of this field?
- Vernon
Internship opportunities are a "foot in the door" to work for MNCs abroad. As you know, H-1 visa regulations are becoming quite stringent – the same is the case with B-1 and other work visas. In terms of higher studies, EducationUSA has evolved five simple steps of applying to US universities. To know more, visit
Do students get re-hired by a company abroad after their internship or graduation?
- Yogita
There are a handful of students who get hired by the company abroad – the bigger trend seems to be to train interns in the US or UK and then hire them in captives within the home country, e.g. internship at Barclays in the US or UK followed by hiring by Barclays India. 
A third year BE student (metallurgical and material engineering) from Jadavpur University, Kolkata, I intend to pursue MS in material engineering. My areas of interest are materials for energy, cryogenic materials, smart materials and alloys. I have published two papers in ISSN journals and two papers in international conferences till date. I have also secured All India Rank second and third at national level competitions. To which colleges in the US and UK should I apply?
- Partho
I would urge you to seek advice from USIEF and British Council, attend US and UK study abroad fairs, and do online research to narrow down your university choices. There is a wide variety of options and you should also consider post-placement details before making a decision on which programme to apply for. The British Council offered about 300 scholarships for 2015 for undergrad and postgraduate study – see if these will be repeated.
Are there institutes in the UK which offers executive MBA programmes for experienced professionals? If yes, is there any scholarship available?
- Shoaib
This depends on your work experience. There are a number of executive MBA programmes offered by UK institutions. The British Council can help you find the right fit. Scholarships are hard to come by but do look at the British Council scholarship programme as a possibility.
I have completed my BSc in physics in 2009 and an MSc in IT in 2013 . I want to pursue an MS in meteorology. Can I intern with WMO?
- Mrudul
The best bet is to approach WMO directly to ask about their internship opportunities. If you have study and work experience abroad, that usually acts in your favor while securing international internships. If the WMO "stamp" is important enough for you, consider volunteering there through an unpaid internship as that may lead to longer term benefits for your resume.
Please list colleges that offer a course in digital marketing the US. What is the cost and duration?
- Vernon
NYU on the East Coast and the UCLA system have sound courses in this area plus of course Ivy Leagues such as Harvard/ Wharton. However, you should do a lot of online research; seek advice from USIEF/ Education USA for narrowing down your choices.
I wish to pursue higher studies in management. Should I study in India or the UK? The course in India costs 20% of the fees in the UK. Please advise. 
- Shoaib
Think of your longer term goal. If it is to work at an MNC and to fast-track your career, nothing beats experience on foreign soil. Getting your degree abroad helps you round out cross-cultural competencies in a way which studying the same course in India cannot. Ultimately, you have to conduct a cost-benefit analysis to determine what's right for you. 
I am a science student pursuing MS in biology. What are the job prospects in a bio-pharma company after an MS? Is it better to opt for a PhD or apply to a company?
There are job opportunities for both, the Master’s and PhD levels in this industry. If you take a break and work after your Master’s, it can give you an insight into the industry and you can apply your theoretical knowledge to real life situations when you get a doctorate. On the other hand, some students prefer to complete their studies first and not risk the potential inertia about further studies that might set in when you take up a job. Assess what your personal and professional goals and personality is before making a decision.
My graduation percentage (BE - 67%) is not very high. My class X CGPA is 9.8 and class XII percentage is 82. Is is possible to get selected to a good university in the US for a master’s programme if I have other achievements like paper publications and awards on my CV? What other additions can I make to bolster my profile?
- Partho
Universities in the US will typically take a holistic view of applications and your co-curricular and extra-curricular achievements will go a long way. The key aspect is for you to weave in your other achievements into your SOP to make a compelling "story" and demonstrate passion about your field and where you want to take your career/ why you want to study in the US.
I want to pursue an MTech from the US. How do I go about the same?
- Raghuveer
The admission criterion involves a good GPA, GRE score, and an effective application including SOP and references. EducationUSA has evolved five simple steps of applying to universities in the US. To know more, visit
A PhD in the US lasts for five years and in Europe for three years. Is there a difference in the evaluation of both the programmes especially if you plan on applying for a job after that? Is there a difference in the pay scale of someone applying for a job prospect after MS v/s someone applying after a doctorate?
- Tina
Both, the US and EU offer doctorate programmes and there is typically not a bias either way. However, the location will probably influence where you would apply for jobs if you are looking for jobs abroad (ie there may be a greater comfort level to hire from local universities in both the EU and US.) For payscale differences and data, visit websites such as glassdoor to do your research.
I want to change my field of study. I have completed an MCom in finance with 57% in 2010 and a web designing certificate course. I now wish to pursue a six month diploma/ certificate course in information technology from an institute in the US which has a low fee.
- Machindra
Please consult a study abroad advisor from USIEF or EducationUSA.They can help you narrow down your specific options. Attending US Study Abroad Fairs is another good idea. Depending on what field you want to enter in IT, there is a variety of options for you – some of the evolving areas such as financial engineering or cloud computing/ big data might help you tie in your MCom degree with your interest in IT. 
I want to pursue my MBA from the UK. I have heard that most of Indian students are returning from the UK after completing their MBA programme. What are the job opportunities available in the UK and US after completing an MBA? 
- Amartya
When you go abroad for an MBA, you have to start networking from day one if your goal is to work abroad as well. In the US, you can take advantage of the OPT and CPT window to get work experience. For the UK, consider applying for British Council scholarships so the pinch to the pocket is minimized. If it's right for you, consider programs such as Mountbatten which offers the best of both worlds- a paid internship with an MNC (which often is an entry-way into a job) plus MBA coursework.
Out of the three letters of recommendation, can two be from deputy directors of a Government laboratory where I have trained and one from a professor? What impact does involvement with a NGO's like Red Cross have on a profile?
Ideally, it is good to have reference letters from different organisations but if that cannot be avoided, make sure your referees write about different aspects of your training/ skill set (eg: one can focus on work competencies and the other on interpersonal/ cross-cultural competencies). The Red Cross volunteer work will be a positive, but cannot be make-or-break for your application. 
I wish to pursue an MBA and secure a decent job. Which university can I apply to and how? 
- Amartya
The eligibility criteria vary widely, so you have to research specific university requirements. The US and UK are both great destinations for an MBA and since visa regulations change regularly, it is not possible to predict how these will impact your job search prospects when it is time for you to look for employment. 



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