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Enough is not enough

Posted on Thursday, October 2, 2008

You can say a firm goodbye to the age of the slow and steady winning the race. Upasana Bhattacharya discovers how students are rushing to add a dozen degrees to their CVs to stand out in the crowd

Carpe diem – which literally means to ‘seize the day’, has suddenly become the mantra for the youth. Everybody is trying hard, fighting against time, and squeezing into those 24 hours much more than what seems to be possible. The growing trend of multitasking, or rather ‘multi- degreeing’ has grasped youngsters firmly and truly. Nowadays there is hardly any student who is focussing on just one option at a time. Rather, everybody is doing his or her best to get more than one degree to their names. This not only saves time but also helps you create a cutting edge over the others. 
It was on the day of his campus recruitment that Vimal Dubey who was pursuing an MBA in finance, realised the crucial role of the CA – inter certificate in his CV. He was one of the few to be chosen by his dream company, and that too with a much higher salary than his classmates. The company in question did not deny that this was due to his being a CA inter student. The candidate in question says,” MBA. and CA are complimentary to each other. One gives me an in- depth knowledge about taxes, laws and other economic elements while the other enhances my management skills.” He represents the new cult of students.
Pratibha Roychowdhury, associated with campus recruitment and training at Magma Sincorp, says,”Depending on the industry, these additional degrees help you to get an edge over the others. In the finance sector, we look for a CA. However, if a CA also has an MBA in finance, then surely he has a better chance of cracking the job interview. In the HR department, if an MBA has a law degree or a diploma in human rights or labour laws, it hightens his or her opportunity.”
Moumita Ghatak is currently juggling her CA with her BCom. Her logic is simple: “ I will take 5 years to complete my masters in commerce, without the guarantee of a job. If I can manage to finish my CA in that time, I will not only increase my CV value but also save on time.” Priyanka Duseja, HR Neosports has views, which bears out Moumita’s strategy. She says,” We get impressed by the CV, and not the person. Today the competition is so much that students have to constantly look at bettering themselves. You never know what clicks where. The additional qualifications do enhance the CV.”    
According to career counselor Barkha Mulchandani, these add-ons do matter to a large extent. “The resume reaches the recruiters before the person, so it is impressive to have more than one degree to your name. This is all the more crucial for freshers. Computer courses go with most career options, because of its universal and critical application in today’s world. Personality enhancing courses are also of prime importance. They not only help in giving you confidence but also help in building contacts”, she says.
Another combination that sells like hot cake amongst the youth is CS, and graduation. Ankita Banerjee, an archetype of this cult says,” My CS programme will prove to be the catalyst that is much needed today. I will have a better job prospect with even a scope of going abroad.”                                                      
You can say a firm goodbye to the age of the slow and steady winning the race. The world today swears by its ever increasing pace and efficiency. However, there lies the catch. It is pointless working hard if you are not working smart. These additional courses should enhance your skill and knowledge so that your potential and prospects are maximised. Be wise, take expert advice and only then go ahead or you may realise that you have been wasting your time doing something that is irrelevant in your chosen field or industry.


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