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There’s no place like home to start your overseas education

Posted on Monday, November 5, 2018

Monash College CEO Jo Mithen believes in the value of a foreign degree, but she says sometimes students just need an extra year at home to progress their studies and mature before they leave the nest

Trying to evaluate the worth of an overseas degree in simple ‘rupees-and-paises’ terms is tempting - money talks, as the expression goes. This type of basic accounting discounts the unlimited opportunities and potential to be gained from studying at a world-class institution that prepares its students to stand out in a crowded and ultra-competitive global job market.

Completing a university degree in a foreign country also provides the opportunity for professional growth, developing independence, honing language skills and becoming a desirable employment prospect. However for many parents, the prospect of sending their child offshore to commence their international education at the age of 18 or even younger, is a daunting one.

The international student pathway comes with many challenges. Living independently away from family, experiencing the culture of a foreign country, and dealing with language barriers can result in young adults being overwhelmed and not getting the most from the educational experience.

At Monash College, part of Monash University, we have designed an integrated method of transitioning into an international degree back in Australia. The institution has been helping international students get into their desired degree courses and preparing them for success in the workforce for over 20 years. The College is fully owned by Monash University, one of the world’s top 100 universities and ranked 59 for the QS Global World Ranking and QS Graduate Employability Ranking for 2019.

Over the past five decades, Monash University has evolved from a small suburban campus to one of the Group of Eight leading Australian universities. Today, about one third of Monash University’s students come from outside Australia, and from 2013 to 2017 the number of Indian students at Monash University has increased by almost 300 per cent. Many of these students have joined the University through the Monash College pathway programmes delivered in Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and China.

The extra year at home helps students get the first year of study under their belt without the external pressures that come with overseas living. Studying at home before transferring abroad also provides students with the initial high level of support they need to transition to university life and more independent learning, setting them up for success when they transfer to Monash University.

Monash College now has an agreement with professional education provider TimesPro, to deliver the Monash College International Pathway Program in-country from October 2018. This programme, delivered in partnership with TimesPro, allows students to undertake the first year of study in-country before they transition to one of the University’s Australian campuses to complete their degree. The programme will be conducted over eight months in India and provides graduates achieving the required score with a guaranteed place in the second year of a Business or Commerce degree at Monash University, Malaysia or Melbourne.

An exciting development of this partnership is the Monash University Business School’s new scholarship programme exclusive to Monash College-TimesPro students, which will provide up to 10 scholarships per year valued at $10,000 AUD per student for those transferring to the University in 2019 and 2020.

Once these students have successfully transitioned to Monash University, they will graduate with an international degree from an institution whose global reputation and ranking will give them an edge in Australia, back home in India and around the world.


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