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Canada calling

Posted on Friday, March 27, 2009

The Indian student is becoming increasingly adventurous in his choice of study destinations. Pratibha Jain, international education consultant, provides insights into Canada as an emerging destinations that is gaining favour with undergraduate students

Canada is a popular option with Indian students on account of its welcoming immigration policies for those qualified, high-quality education, growing economy with innumerable job options for skilled and educated workers, low crime rates and high standards of living.
Canadian institutes have high academic standards, excellent professional faculty and superior infrastructure. Festivals, fairs, films, seminars and workshops of every description make most campuses a vibrant place to be.   

A Canadian degree, diploma or certificate is well regarded in business, government and academic circles around the globe. Universities range from large urban campuses like the University of Toronto, York, Guelph, McGill and Waterloo to smaller campuses such as Alberta, Queens and Victoria. Some universities are famous for their specialised programmes. For instance, Ontario Institute of Technology is perhaps the only one offering bachelor’s degrees in automobile engineering and automobile design.
Options, options

Vocational colleges offer applied programmes with a strong emphasis on skill-based learning. They offer diverse programmes - commercial art, graphic design, and animation, illustration, interior design, fashion design, retail management, music technology, theatrical production, Montessori teachers’ training, tourism, hospitality, culinary sciences, nutrition and media management with specialisation in advertising, broadcasting, filmmaking and television arts. These courses offer good job prospects as most employers feel college graduates have more ‘usable’ skills.
What’s so special?

The Co-Op programme: Work-Study integrated curriculum.   
Many academic programmes offer opportunities to gain valuable work experience as an integrated part of the programme earning credits towards the degree. The Co-Op programme allows students to work every alternate semester after completing the first two years of study. Students are often paid a stipend for this.
More, the Ontario Education Department has tied up with some institutes in Maharashtra and Goa to offer student and faculty exchange programmes, affording a piece of Canadian education at extremely low costs.         

The average annual cost in Canada for tuition and room and board is around Cad $35,000 (at Rs 42 per Cad $1). Some tuition fees are as low as $5000 per year but the institute may be located in an isolated area with few employment options. Many merit-based scholarships are available and some universities offer funding for international students too. 

How to apply?

Applications have to be made a year in advance. Application forms can be filled online or downloaded from college websites. You need to appear for the TOEFL or IELTS. Attested transcripts and marksheets from your school, college and university along with two recommendation letters from teachers are essential. A well-written Statement of Purpose and other financial documents complete the formalities.
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