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A career in hospitality is beyond hotels

Posted on Monday, December 17, 2018

Hospitality industry is not limited to hotels as it is involved in a wide cross section of fields, writes Dilip Puri

“You are studying hospitality management? What are you going to do, become a waiter?” That is a joke my friends used to tease me with when I was a young student at OCLD, and a joke I believe depicts outdated perspectives on the incredible industry that has shaped my entire life.

We are all living in a hospitable world – and hospitality, throughout my career, has become my entire world. It has taken me across continents, cultures, and companies, and given me opportunities to experience things that I believe no other career path would have allowed me to. I have helped open resorts in the bustling African Savannah while being overlooked by wild elephants and lions, and I have been part of teams that transformed unusable land into properties that give back to nature and the local community. During every step, I have had the chance to learn from people from all walks of life, cultures and backgrounds.

“Hospitality is much more than just hotels” – a mantra we should all have accepted by this point in time. With 1 in 10 jobs worldwide falling under its umbrella, the art of hospitality is involved in some of the biggest jobs across the globe – banking and finance, travel and tourism, beauty and wellness, consulting, private equity, automobiles, aviation, luxury and retail, restaurants and even entrepreneurship. It is a multi-faced world filled with talent that is just as versatile and colourful as the industry.

Why is it that hospitality provides so many more career paths to graduates than other, more traditional pursuits? The answer lies in the education itself. Hospitality management education consists of disciplines that are much in demand in today’s world – finance, human resources, management, business, accounting, marketing and more – equipping graduates with a valuable skill set for today’s corporate world. This often gives graduates a rich platform of career opportunities to choose from, straight after graduation, with many often choosing to pursue their own business venture or entrepreneurial startup.

There is a world of opportunity for today’s youth within hospitality. This holistic approach to education and the opportunity to gain a cutting-edge on their career is the reason why hospitality education is becoming a popular choice for aspiring students within India – many of whom have been disappointed with the prospects of more traditionally sought-after professions. While hotels are still, without a doubt, an incredible venture for those passionate about exceptional service and meeting people of all creeds and cultures, it is important to understand how much more there is to the world of hospitality. It is an education that turns graduates into flexible and adaptable talent, ready to make their path in some of the biggest sectors of the globe.

(The author is founder and CEO, Indian School of Hospitality)


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